2021 FILTHY 50+

The 7th Annual Filthy 50+ will take you through various areas of San Dieguito River Park and Black Mountain Park. Fast and flowy for all skill levels. The 30 mile riders will head out and turn around at the 15 mile mark and the 50+ mile riders will continue on to the Black Mountain Park area where you will encounter a lollipop and new trails to go with it! The course will be fully marked with Pink Flags and Red Arrows. Fully stocked feed stations will be placed throughout the ride to keep you fueled up.

There will be a kid’s ride supported by Team Quick n’ Dirty at 9:15am. Awards will be given out immediately following the kids ride. Registration for the kid’s ride will be online and onsite. 

When riding the course please be aware that the trails will be open to the public so please pay attention to other riders, hikers, and horseback riders. Please pay special attention when riding the switchbacks portion of the course and use courtesy when passing. Thanks!

Interested in a Filthy 50 skills clinic? Scroll down for all of the FILTHY 50 PREP-UP details.


  • Saturday, October  30, 2021
  • Start time will be 8:00am for 50 mile riders and 8:30 for 30 miles riders.



  • 50+ Mile Ride: $95.00
  • 30 Mile Ride: $85.00
  • Kids Ride: $15.00


  • Online Registration will close at midnight on October 27, 2021
  • Check-in will be open from 6:00 to 7:30


  • 2021 30 Mile Course
    • Coming Soon
  • 2021 50+ Mile Course
    • Coming Soon
  • 2021 Kid’s Course
    • Coming Soon


  • Swag bag provided by Hammer Nutrition
  • Commemorative FILTHY 50+ event item
  • Participant Dog-Tag (ALL PARTICIPANTS)
  • SIERRA NEVADA Costume Party!
  • Awards for the Top 3 Finishers in each class for the 50+ mile ride
  • Awards for the Top 3 Males and Top 3 Female finisher of the 30 mile ride
  • One (1) raffle ticket for the post-ride prize raffle.
  • Electronic Timing and Results.
  • Fully stocked Feed Stations at strategic locations. Feed Stations will include: hydration by Hydro, fruit, food, and Hammer Nutrition Products. The station will also include a self-help mechanic area. (Each Feed Station can be accessed in both directions).


  • Lounge area with some drinking amenities
  • Kids area with a Kids ride!
  • Food will be available at an additional cost
  • Live Entertainment
  • Vendor Village Sponsored by Sierra Nevada
  • Prize raffle with a portion of the proceeds going to SDRP Bike Patrol.

The primary goal of the Filthy 50+ Fun Ride with Benefits is to bring the mountain biking community together and to celebrate what we all love to do, RIDE OUR BIKES! Additionally, we want to bring awareness concerning the trails we ride on, as well as give back to the organizations that keep us riding on those trails. As part of the Filthy 50+ we urge you to help us give back by donating to the SDRP Bike Patrol.


  • Expert Men Open – 50+ Miles ($2500 Combined Cash Prize for Top 5 Spots – Sponsored by TEAM BOOMBABY)
  • Expert Women Open – 50+ Miles ($2500 Combined Cash Prize for Top 5 Spots – Sponsored by TEAM BOOMBABY)
  • Sport Men Open – 50+ Miles
  • Sport Women Open – 50+ Miles
  • Beginner Men Open – 50+ Miles
  • Beginner Women Open – 50+ Miles
  • Single Speed Open – 50+ Miles
  • Drop Bar Open (Gravel/CX/Road) – 50+ Miles
  • Big Boned (200+) – 50+ Miles
  • 55+ Men/Women Open – 50+ Miles
  • 30 Mile Ride Open – 30 miles
  • 30 Mile Ride School Boy 12-15 – 30 Miles *NEW*
  • 30 Mile Ride School Girl 12-15 – 30 Miles *NEW*
  • Kids Ride – 1-3 Miles Beginner/Sport/Expert


Join Team QnD for 6 Sessions that include basic MTB skills, pre-riding of key sections of the Filthy 50 and ride strategies – efforts, food, liquids, post training habits, mindset. These skills sessions are aimed at new riders or riders who want a refresher on the Filthy 50 course and to learn about how to ride endurance events (40+ miles / 4 hours+). The goal is to better equip riders to successfully attempt and complete the Filthy 50 and endurance events in general.


  • Showtime 7:45am check-in / 8am start time / 12 noon end time


  • Different locations around Lake Hodges and SDRP. Exact location noted below.


  • $40 per session
  • $105 for riders already registered for Filthy 50
  • $200 for all 6 sessions – Includes Filthy 50 Registration

Session 1 : September 18, 2021 : QnD Core Skills (4 hours) – Meet at: Boat Docks REGISTER HERE

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ZpTKdGkSLCsgmY7a8

2 hours Quick n Dirty ‘CoreSkilz’
Body position
Braking, gear choice and cadence
Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)
Heart Rate and Power Meter (Optional)
Book of Matches – Concept
2 hours Skills on-trail application
Apply all skills on trail
Session key features relevant to skills

Session 2 : September 25, 2021 : Pre-ride San Pasqual to Sunset and back (4 hours) – Meet at: San Pasqual Starting Point REGISTER HERE

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/g6T25FS3gEykF3Gr8

20-minute pre-ride discussion
Raptor Ridge 5-minute dirt chat at the top (outbound)
Sunset Drive turn-around
Raptor Ridge 5-minute dirt chat at base of the climb (Rally point at the top)
To the finish

Session 3 : October 2, 2021 : On-bike nutrition – sponsored by Hammer (2 hours) – Meet at: Boat docks REGISTER HERE

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ZpTKdGkSLCsgmY7a8

What to eat
When to eat
How to eat
How to store it
Optional Core Skills Review

Session 4 : October 9, 2021 : Sunset Dr to switchbacks and back (4+ hours) – Meet at: Sunset Drive REGISTER HERE

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/bNrcgbUfcizB7JKu5

20-minute pre-ride discussion / review food for this ride when and where to eat
5-minute dirt chat at base of switch backs
Rally point at the top of switch backs
5-minute dirt chat at boat ramps
To the finish (Sunset Dr)

Session 5 : October 16, 2021 : Switchbacks to Black Mountain Loop and back – Meet at: Santa Fe Valley Trailhead REGISTER HERE

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/TgMUCSM9wWU9pPpR8

20-minute pre-ride discussion
Rally point at the top of switchbacks
5-minute dirt chat on eating on the flat sections
Rally point at the end – quick wrap up

Session 6 : October 23, 2021 : Post training nutrition (2 hours) – Meet at: Boat Docks REGISTER HERE

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ZpTKdGkSLCsgmY7a8

Strategies around post training nutrition
Eating plan provided by HealthPointe
Optional Core Skills review

The Filthy 50 is all about having a good time on a bike!

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