E-MTB racing back at Quick n’ Dirty! E-Dirty Cross will take place at the Barona MX track. The start of the race will take place on the motocross starting line. The course is roughly 2.5 miles and will have a little bit of everything. From single track to fire road, jumps, rock features and much more. So get your E-bike all charged up and show up for some good ol’ fashioned fun at the races!

**NOTE** This race is limited to Class 1 E-Bikes. A Class-1 E-Bike is a low-speed pedal-assist electric bike. The motor requires pedaling to power the bike and will cease to provide assistance when the speed reaches 20 mph. The top five bikes will be tested with GPS on a 1/16 mile stretch of flat ground.


  • Sunday, December 4, 2022



  • Expert: TBD
  • Sport/Beginner: TBD
  • School Boy/Girl: TBD


  • Online Registration will close at 11:59pm on December 1, 2021
  • Onsite registration will be available


  • STRAVA – Coming Soon!


Due to the location of the venue pre-riding is NOT PERMITTED unless it is scheduled and organized by Quick N’ Dirty. Please do not show up unannounced and ride anywhere on the property, as it is private property. The venue director has been kind enough to afford us the opportunity to organize events on the property and we do not want to jeopardize any future relationships, so please respect the rules and do not ride unless invited to do so by Quick N’ Dirty. Thank you!


  • Expert Men 16+
  • Expert Women 16+
  • Sport Men 16+
  • Sport Women 16+
  • Beginner Men 16+
  • Beginner Women 16+
  • School Boy/Girl 10-12
  • School Boy/Girl 13-15
  • Start of the race will be on the motocross starting gate in motocross fashion.
  • We are working on securing a demo fleet so that non-E-bike owners can participate and give the pedal assist thing a try. We let you know how to secure one as soon as we work everything out.

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