"Quick n' Dirty Re-imagined"

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During these uncertain times we have decided to have a little fun while staying within the social distancing guidelines. The “Dirty Duro”, as we’ve coined it, will consist of 5 Strava segments along a predetermined route. Each individual segment will vary in terrain and elevation. SO, rally your friends and get ready for a physically-distanced enduro-timed rip through San Diego singletrack, tricky climbs, and secret passageways to get you out of the house and zooming on your bike again.

Race day is any day you make it between AUGUST 20 through AUGUST 31, 2020 and will be timed like an enduro event. However, YOU MUST RIDE THE ENTIRE ROUTE for your segment times to count. Enduro timed means that ONLY THE OFFICIAL DIRTY DURO STRAVA SEGMENTS COUNT TOWARDS YOUR RACE TIME. Hammer each segment, recover between, and get ready to attack the next one.

Scout the route and decide which bike will be fastest. Gravel, XC, or shred-sled whip choice is up to you. The brave and the foolish will opt for gravel, betting on an advantage on the uphills. The baggie contingent may pay a weight penalty, but fat tires and suspension will shred the tech. In the end, who will rule the race?

The route will be lightly marked with BLUE FLAGS, segments will be marked with GREEN FLAGS at the start and RED FLAGS at the end of the segment. We recommend uploading the route to your device, once your on course you will be happy that you did! We would like to thank Marc Englehardt, Ryan Johnson, Brent Prenzlow and Joey Rodriguez for all the behind the scenes ground work!

Dirty Duro Blue Flag
Dirty Duro Green Flag
Dirty Duro Red Flag

This event is dedicated to Kevin Lentz  RIP my friend  #lentzismore


  1. Not on Strava? CLICK HERE TO GET IT
  2. Once you’re on Strava follow us. QUICK N’ DIRTY STRAVA PROFILE
  3. Register for the event CLICK HERE
  4. After you have followed us and registered then join the “QnD Dirty Duro” Strava Club CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB
    • You must first register and pay for the event then join the QnD Dirty Duro Strava club. If you are not registered for the event your club request will not be approved.


  • August 20 to August 31, 2020


The route starts and ends at the parking lot at the entrance to the Lake Hodges Boat Ramp. Make sure you start your ride on Strava or your GPS device. No rookie mistakes! Address for the parking lot is 20175 Lake Dr, Escondido, CA 92029, USA


  • $25.00 ($10 of your registration fee will be donated to the North County Community Food Bank)


  • Registration is online only.


We are keeping this as simple as possible, so there are only 3 classes.

  • MEN (All ages)
  • WOMEN (All ages)
  • E-BIKE (Open Class and All ages)
    • This is limited to Class 1 E-Bikes. Class 1 is a low-speed pedal-assist electric bike. The motor requires pedaling to power the bike and it ceases to provide assistance when the speed reaches 20 mph.


  • Dirty Duro Champion – awarded to the racer with the fastest cumulative Race Time over all 5 segments
  • Segment Winners – segment KOMs/QOMs/eKOMs will be awarded to the fastest Dirty Duro racer on each segment by Aug 31

More than bragging rights are at stake – we’ve got Incredible prizes from our generous spon-sors. Awards ceremony is still in the works, we will make sure you get your goodies!


  • You must complete the whole route, but overall route time does not matter
  • Your race time is determined by adding up your times on each of the Dirty Duro segments only
  • Smash the route as many times as you want from Aug 20 through Aug 31. Your race time will only be calculated from the segments on that same ride, so make sure you complete the entire route so that your segment times count
  • During the same ride, you can attempt a segment more than once. You masochist!
  • Ride solo or in a small group of friends. Be sure to follow current mandates
  • This event is 100% self-supported. Plan ahead and bring enough fuel and hydration to ensure survival
  • Be a steward for cycling! You’re the least important person out there having fun on the trails, so heed to hikers, walkers, kids, horses, and pumas
  • Bring a mask. Wear it when you’re supposed to – close to people, at water stops, etc – you know the drill


What would a Quick n’ Dirty event be like without a raffle?! That’s why even for this type of event we have reached out to our generous sponsors and have acquired some awesome raffle prizing. At the top of the list will be SHIMANO, HAMMER NUTRITION, SIERRA NEVADA, and MONSTER HYDRO.

  • UPDATE: We are still working out the details with respect to the raffle. We are trying find the cheapest and most efficient means of conducting a good raffle.

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